Thursday, September 16, 2010

Book Moms

I wanted to take a moment this morning and highlight the new ministry blog my wife and a friend of her's has started. It is called book moms and can be found at For several months, my wife and I have been talking about what she could do to help the church universally. Her ministry at our local church is really great. She is so good with kids and other young moms. And so, over time, we came up with this idea of book moms.

Their purpose in this ministry is stated in their byline: to review Christian and secular children’s literature through the lens of the gospel. In her first post on the blog, she explains what they desire to do on the blog.

First, We Desire To Promote Awareness Of Good Christian Children’s Literature. Most public libraries or school libraries do not have many Christian titles for kids to read. We have been surprised at the volume of literature available for children from a Christian point of view.  But often times, finding these titles can be difficult for parents. We want to provide a place where parents and children can find these resources quickly and easily. 

Second, We Desire To Challenge Parents To Become Aware Of And Involved In What Their Kids Read. The statistics are overwhelming of the integral part that reading plays in the development of children. We all know that it is important to read to kids, and, as they get older, that they read regularly themselves. However, what they read should be of great importance. What are they filling their mind with? What are they being influenced by? We hope that we can raise the level of involvement that parents play in what their children are reading by providing these reviews.

Third, We Desire To Create Opportunities For Parents To Shepherd The Gospel In Their Kids Lives Through Literature And Reading. This is the very heart of what we desire to accomplish. The salvation of our children should be the most important thing. We live in a world where there are many opportunities to converse with our children about spiritual matters. We hope to help parents by assisting them as they select and dialogue with their children about the books they are reading. This can be done with both Christian and secular literature. Kids need to be taught discernment. By actively being involved in what your child is reading you create opportunities for discussion that can help them grow and develop discernment. When you are aware of what they are reading and filling their mind with, it provides opportunities to continually point them to the Bible and ultimately to Jesus.

I am so glad that she is doing this and would greatly appreciate it if you would promote this somehow. I think this is vitally important for the church as we teach kids how to be discerning and use what they are reading to show them Jesus! My prayer is that this ministry takes off and has a great impact for the kingdom of God. Check it out at!

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