Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday's Random Thoughts (Sept 10, 2010)

It has been another one of those weeks that you feel like there is not enough time to get everything done. I sure appreciate those that drop by to see what is going on and I hope that the book reviews and other articles are helping you think through different aspects of your Christian Life. Just a few thoughts today . . .

1. Today begins the Kansas State Fair. For the next 10 days, for 12 hours a day, our church will have an evangelism tent at our state fair. This is the fourth year that we have done this, and it has been very rewarding and challenging for all those who participate. We will have people weep in front of us and we have people that want to argue with us. Above all, we want to be faithful to the Lord and help people see that what the world is offering is not where happiness is found, but it is only found in Jesus Christ. So please pray for us. You can track updates and prayer needs at our church website, by going HERE!

2. Not sure if you are a Tim Tebow fan, but I am starting to become one. He is one of the best college football players of all time as well as seems to be a really good guy. It is no secret that he talks about the Bible and his faith. Well, I thought this video was really interesting and hope to catch the documentary once it is released. Enjoy (even you Chiefs fans).

Tim Tebow Documentary from FCTN on Vimeo.

3. I posted a book review earlier today about Max Lucado's new book Out Live Your Life. Heather Clabaugh, one of our admin's at church, showed me a blogger reviewer site, booksneeze, where they will send you free books as long as you review them. I normally would not have picked up Lucado's book, but thought it might be interesting. He is a very good writer, but the book really left me feeling empty and wanting more. Check out my review HERE!

4. Tim Challies on his blog every Friday has a "Free Stuff Friday's." He offers way better prizes to give away than I do here (but you have a better chance of winning here). Anyways, check it out if you want the opportunity to win a prize or two. And if you win, I will be bummed out, because I have been entering for a year or so and have never won yet! Check out his blog at

5. I am teaching on the doctrine of Jesus Christ on Sunday in ABF from Colossians 1:13-20. It is one of the greatest portions of Scripture on who Jesus was and what He did. So, because of that, a good Spurgeon quote today: "I sometimes wonder that you do not get tired of my preaching, because I do nothign but hammer awaya on this one nail. With me it is, year after year, 'None but Jesus! None but Jesus!' Oh, you great saints, if you have outgrown the need of a sinner's trust in the Lord Jesus, you have outgrown your sins, but you have also outgrown your grace, and your saintship has ruined you!"

6. And finally, the winner of this week's prize is Amy Conkling. Please send me an email HERE and I will respond with your prize. Thanks again to all who entered and hopefully you will all read Total Church. Check back next week as we will have another prize, maybe even bigger and better!

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