Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Shane & Shane - Everything Is Different

Today is giveaway day! For the past four weeks, I have taken Wednesday to give away some book that I had read and wanted to promote. Today is a slightly different day. Today, I wanted to share with you a musical artist that I have come to appreciate over the past several years (and yes, there will be a giveaway, check the bottom of this post for details). Today, I wanted to tell you why I like Shane & Shane, particularly their most recent album, Everything Is Different, which was released in November of 2009.

I have seen them in concert and have come to appreciate many aspects of their music. I really like their style, an acoustic harmony. But more than anything, I love their lyrics. They do not mask the words they sing as if they could mean anything to anyone. Most of them come right from the biblical text. This album expresses even the name of my blog, that the gospel changes everything. The title song from the album is of course "Everything is Different." Here are some of the lyrics.

Who am I to know your glory
Who am I to recognize your voice calling out
How could I be in your story
God who was and is and is to come who is one

I was dead in my sin
you came in, yea

You made a way when there was no way
You covered heaviness with garments of praise
You wrote a song and You're singing it over me
I feel a dead heart beating now
This revelation makes me wanta shout (Hey!)
That Jesus has been sent
And everything is different.

You turn ashes into beauty
You are for me, not against me now
You found me somehow now
You turned mourning into dancing
You turned weeping into a joyful noise
Oh rejoice!

Jesus has been sent and everything is different! That's the point of the gospel. My life is not the same as it would be without the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am a changed person. I would ask you today to reflect on that thought. Are you different because of the gospel? Are you changed? Is everything different for you because of what Jesus has done for you? If so, then rejoice today!

If you want to find out what this song sounds like, I have provided a video below where Shane & Shane talk about it and then sing it. The song actually starts at about the 4th minute.

Now, as to the giveaway. This week, I am going to give away a $10 ITunes gift card. I would highly encourage you to use it to purchase this album. But of course, that is between you and God. :)

Rules to be entered: all you have to do this week to be entered into this drawing is to post a comment on the blog. If you want to win a $10 ITunes gift card, then please post away. The random drawing will take place at 10 AM Central Standard Time on Friday. Pass it around and tell others about it. Thanks for reading and post away!


  1. LOVE the Shanes! Didn't realise they had a new cd. Very cool! Thanks for the post, and would love to have more music recommendations from you in the future. --Shellie Grant

  2. Yes sounds good can't wait to read spurgeon

    Landon Taylor

  3. I've been reading but not yet commenting here, but today I just had to! Shane & Shane have been my most fave for the past several years (and I have all of their albums, EXCEPT the newest one). The sometimes almost-dissonant blending of their voices was what drew me, initially, to their music, but then the worshipful and rightly high view of God in their lyrics is now what keeps me listening over and over again.

    Thad, I appreciate your appreciation of Shane, and of course, Shane.... ;-)

  4. I think Terry should win. He has a good comment and he even wants to buy the album you are promoting!

    But, I have been wanting to download some new itunes music and haven't. I've never heard this group, either. So maybe I should win...

  5. These guys are some of my favorites. I too love the fact that they don't shrink back from the Truth! I've never had an opportunity to hear them live, but look forward to some day. Thanks for this review. Can't wait to buy it!


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