Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Daughter: Annika Mae Bergmeier

Last week, I wrote a short blog about my wife. This week, I want to write some thoughts about my little girl, Anni! There is something very special about being a dad to sons. But there is something particularly special about being a dad to a little girl. Over the last couple of days, Anni has been carrying around a few of the pictures we have taken together when we have gone on our daddy dates. As we talked about those pictures, I realized she needed some daddy time. So, last night, we went on a little date.

I told her on Monday night that we would go out on a date on Tuesday night, so from the moment I got home from work last night, she was cuddling up to me asking when we were going to leave. I usually let her pick where to go for dinner and last night, she picked Freddy's Frozen Custard. After dinner, we spent some time walking through the Hutchinson Mall (which is not really that much). But we did take some time for her to go horse back riding. After this, we got our picture taken at one of those photo booths at the mall. Even though we could not figure out how to look at the camera and not the screen, it was a great time and we got some good pictures. We even had some time to get some ice cream from the DQ.

I love this little girl, who is growing up way too fast. She told me about her day at school. I asked her what she wanted to do when she grows up. She said, "I want to be a mom. Well, actually a teacher and a mom. Well, I think I want to really teach doctors and be a mom." Not sure where she got that, but I just smiled. This got me thinking, what do I love about my daughter. So here is my list, in no particular order and certainly not exhaustive:
  1. She has those big blue eyes (that are starting to turn a bit green, but that is okay) that can almost get daddy to do anything
  2. She always has a song in her heart and one on her tongue
  3. She allows me to have a secret name for her (and she has one for me)
  4. She wants to be around her daddy
  5. She loves her mom
  6. She likes to wrestle with me and her brothers
  7. She likes to talk about Jesus and pray to Him
  8. She would rather watch Scooby Doo than Dora
  9. She has the best hair, which she doesn't like to get brushed by the way
  10. She makes me laugh
  11. When she falls asleep not in her bed and I carry her to bed, she unknowingly wraps her arms around my neck very tight
  12. She says very funny things (I call them Anni-isms)
  13. She loves to get her picture taken, so I have lots of pictures of her in my office
  14. We have our song together and anytime it comes on the radio, she stops everything she is doing to be with me
  15. She is a treasured gift from God
I could keep going on and on. I love having a daughter and wouldn't trade it for anything. Having a girl softens my heart. It makes me more sensitive. It makes me more gentle. It makes me more loving of my wife. I thought it interesting that yesterday, The Resurgence posted a blog called "Daughters are a Gift from God." In that short blog, they mentioned two books. I have ordered both of them and can't wait to read them and to use them to pray for my daughter.

Do you have a daughter? What do you love about her?


  1. Great post! I smiled the entire time I was reading it - and laughed when I read the comment about teaching doctors and being a mom. :) Anni definitely is a treasure!

  2. Your mom told me about your trip to Russia coming up. Have fun and be safe

    Landon Taylor


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