Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Oldest Son: Karsten Lee

Okay, so over the previous weeks, I have been talking about my family. I started by telling everyone what I felt about my wife. Then last week, I shared my thoughts on my little girl, Anni. Well, this week, I want to write a little bit about my oldest son, Karsten Lee Bergmeier.

Do you remember back to the beginning of the millennium? Do you remember the uncertainty of the unknown? With all the fear and whoopla about what was going to happen on that day, our lives were definitely changed forever. That's right, Karsten is our millennium baby, born on January 1, 2000. From the moment that he was born and I saw him, he has been in my heart. Just before he was born, Phil Collins released his song, "You'll be in my heart," as part of the movie Tarzan. I remember as a young dad sitting in a chair with my little boy in my arms with that song being played and crying. He is so very special to me. But you may ask why. What is it about him now that he is grown up that I love about him so much? Let me make a short list for you! As the other lists, it is not in any particular order and is in no way a complete list.

  1. He loves to read probably even more than his dad.
  2. He is so very clever and smart, loving to play practical jokes. It always seems to happen when he takes something of  mine and hides it.
  3. I love that he likes and asks to have his hair longer. I guess it is because I was never allowed to that I want him to be able to.
  4. He is growing into a great leader. Every time I leave the family to go out of town, I talk to him about leading the house. He loves it and takes the challenge.
  5. He loves soccer and baseball the most, which are probably my two favorite sports (the picture above is him wearing a Spain jersey after we watched a world cup soccer game).
  6. He is very sensitive to his sin and correction.
  7. He has a deep sense of wanting to protect his mom.
  8. He wanted to pass out tracts about Jesus at the Kansas State Fair.
  9. Even though he is ten years old, he is not too old to sit with me on the couch to watch some sports or a good movie.
  10. He enjoys talking about the things of the Bible with me.
  11. He always wants to be around the adults (I see so much of me in his character like that).
  12. He is very competitive.
  13. He is not too old to give dad hugs or kisses.
  14. He is very wise for his age on who he spends time with. He chooses his friends well.
  15. His smile when he sees this list. He so very much wants me to affirm him and I love doing it. He will love this!

That's my boy! I can't wait to see what God has in store for him in the future. He is being molded into a young man who is kind to others. I can't believe that he is already ten, soon to turn eleven. I am brought to tears when I think we only have seven more years with him at home before college. But I know the Lord will do amazing things with him as he gives himself to Jesus with all that he has.

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