Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Youngest Son: Jackson Tyler (J.T.)

Sorry buddy, but someone had to be last. I picked him because he would care the least about being last in a series of blog posts about my family. I have talked about my wife, Monique; my little girl, Anni; my oldest son, Karsten. Now onto my youngest son: Jackson Tyler Bergmeier.

I will never forget when he was born. I had just blown my knee out and was on crutches. But honestly, that is what made his birth so awesome. After he was born, I couldn't be busy. I had to sit around and hold my new little boy. I know it does not look like it now, but when J.T. was born, he looked exactly like his big brother, Karsten. Obviously that is not the case now. Now when I look at J.T., I feel like I am looking right into a mirror. He is the image of his dad, which is really cool. When he was younger, all he wanted was his mom. But recently, he has grown to become a daddy's guy!

As with the others in my family, here's my list of the reasons why I love this cool, young dude!

  1. He is a very gentle young man. He is very sensitive to the needs of others.
  2. He is extremely intelligent (like I said, he is just like his dad).
  3. He can bury his head playing a video game and not even know what is going on around him. Every now and then he will pick up his head and ask what was going on. I just laugh at how he can be so totally focused.
  4. His big gut belly laugh is just awesome.
  5. He loves basketball.
  6. He is very attentive when I try to teach him how to do things. He longs to be a learner.
  7. He so much wants the approval of his dad, maybe even at some points too much.
  8. He loves to have his hair buzzed short because he wants to have hair like his dads.
  9. I love to listen to him pray. This morning we were praying and he prayed for his weakness, his struggles, his issues. He didn't even concern himself with the issues of others.
  10. He loves to sleep. When he sleeps, he is totally out, which leads to sometimes doing some crazy things (like sleep walking).
  11. He is the person in his classes at school that everyone wants to be his friend. I think that is because he is so kind.
  12. Like his brother, he is very protective of his mother and sister.
  13. When he puts his mind to do something, he becomes very dedicated. He will work at something for hours by himself so that he can become good at it (like playing basketball out in the driveway by himself).
  14. If I let him, I bet he could put away an entire pizza.
  15. I could see him being a pastor someday. Once he told me that he wanted to be a pastor when he grows up or "get a real job." I am praying that someday he doesn't have a real job then!
Well, that's my guy! That's my bubba! I love him so much that sometimes it hurts!

Well, since this is the last post of my family, let me leave everyone with one of my favorite pictures of the special four! This was taken on our trip this past summer out to my graduation. We were traveling through Pittsburgh and it just happened that the Cubs were playing in town. I cannot think of someone more fortunate than me. God has really blessed me with an incredible family. I cherish them with all that is in my heart! I pray that God continually draws us closer to each other as He draws us all closer to Him individually.

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