Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thoughts from a Commentary

As I study a text of Scripture, I usually read between 6-12 commentaries to gain insight into the meaning of the passage. One of my favorite commentators is Homer A. Kent. You can check out some of his commentaries HERE! I have always enjoyed his simplicity and clarity in biblical exposition. He has nuggets of practical wisdom, but for the most part, his commentaries stick to the meaning of the text.

As I was studying Colossians 3 this week, I came across this quote. I thought I would let you ponder it as I am doing. I loved this quote so much for two reasons. First, because of the name of this blog (changed by the gospel). Second, I have preached many sermons recently on the Importance of Theology. In those sermons, I have tried to show how practical it is what we believe. Well, anyways, take a few minutes and really read this quote and contemplate it for your life. Enjoy!

"Scripture is clear that there is a practical side to Christian doctrine. Christianity is not just a creed. It is a 'Way' (this was one of the earliest names that Christians used for their movement). Conversion implies a changed life. Consequently, the believer must never forget that his salvation experience involves much more than just a past event in his life. That was merely the beginning. The new birth initiates the believer into a life to be lived. It provides the dynamic to energize this new life, and continual guidance from the Scripture to direct it along the proper channels. Only when the Christian ignores what God has provided does he find his Christian faith a disappointment."

~ Homer Kent, Treasures of Wisdom: Studies in Colossians & Philemon, (103-104).

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