Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Home = Place of Ministry

I announced on Sunday that the Lord is moving us in ministry. We have greatly enjoyed our time in Hutchinson, Kansas and we are certainly looking forward to what the Lord would have for us in Middlefield, Ohio. One of the things that we need to do in this transition is sell our house. We would certainly ask you to pray for this to happen (you can find out information about our house if you want to spread the word and help us sell it: check it out HERE!). We have been busy the past couple weeks getting it ready to sell. My experience has always been that our house is never finished until we get ready to sell it. You know, all those little details are finally taken care of. For instance, we have lived in our house six years and I finally painted our master bedroom. I finally like our room.

Well, as I put that sign in the yard this morning, I was a bit sad. We love our house. Not because of the carpet or the new color in our bedroom. I will miss this house because so much ministry has happened there. This got me thinking as to what has happened at our house over the past six years.

  • We have seen people challenge each other in the faith there.
  • We have seen people develope Christ-centered marriages after first meeting there
  • We have seen people been taught theology and practical living there
  • We have had numerous conversations about Jesus there
  • We have prayed for the hurting there
  • We have met with several couples in pre-marital counseling sessions there
  • We have heard great feedback from new people to our church about our church there
  • We have seen many dear friendships cultivated there
The list can keep going on and on. I love our home because our home has been a place of ministry. From the time my wife and I were married, we have always had a vision of using our home as a place where people can be impacted for the sake of the gospel. We have always wanted to use the resources the Lord has blessed us with to minister to others. I know that sometimes, it wasn't all that serious, maybe just a game on TV or the kids playing with each other. But during those times, the relationships that we have formed with so many of you have become so dear to our heart!

God tells us consistently that we should be hospitable (Rom 12:13; Heb 13:2; 1 Pet 4:9). My prayer is that all of us who have places we call a home, will see it as more than a covering from the wind and rain. I pray that we will see it as a place for ministry to happen. Will you? Do you? Never underestimate the significance that a lunch or dinner can have on someone. And may God give you a love for your house because of the ministry, not because of it's beauty!


  1. Thad, I'm almost in tears after reading this, because it's so TRUE! Your home has been such a blessing - but not because of the home (though we love your big screen for Cubs games), but exactly what you said about the ministry going on inside. Thank you for opening your home up to us and the many other couples. We love you guys!

  2. Nice to see that you remembered that your thoughts and life are still blogable. I second Amy's thanks...knowing your front door was open has been and will continue to be a great blessing. I may have to walk (drive) a ways to get to it in the future, but I'm sure it will still be open. I pray that God will use you greatly there as He has here.

  3. Ditto to both! Your house and all of the sweet, meaningful memories it holds are very dear to us!


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