Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Favorite Earthly Gift This Year

Christmas is about JESUS! I have said that, preached that, & tweeted that. Everything beyond that is just a bonus. As a family, we just finished unwrapping a few gifts for each other and I wanted to share with you probably my favorite of the year. It actually wasn't a gift, but it was a card.

My son, J.T., had brought a gift from school that he had made. He asked if it could be opened up as the last gift of the morning. As we started to open it up, he said, "But aren't you going to open the card first." This is what it said, no comments after this. Enjoy it:

Dear Family,

I am glad you are part of me. I am glad to have Karsten to play with and to wrestle with of course. I am glad to have Anni because she is funny and is good to laugh at. And mom and dad, you're the best because you take care of me and love me and I love you too.

Merry Christmas,

Love J.T.

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  1. I can totally see why it was your favorite! Just melts your heart. I will pray that this continues to be his heart as grows into a man of God just like his daddy! He sure does have some great examples to follow. Merry Christmas Brother!


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