Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Bible in 90 Days: A Challenge

About a year ago at this time, I was halfway through reading the Bible in 90 days. And I'm ready to start it again. This time, I will be starting on February 1st and am asking all of you if you would be willing to take the challenge with me. The plan is simple and is detailed below (or you can find a lot of information about the plan HERE). There is even a special Bible that you can purchase that is broken down into 90 days.

It will require about 45 minutes a day for the average reader. But it will be the best spent 45 minutes of your day. The plan is arranged so there are two catch-up days. While there are these two days, you really do not want to use them. You really do not want to get behind. But if you do get behind, you will for sure want to do everything you can to catch up.

My plan is to write a short blog post every Friday talking about what I have learned. If you are reading along with me, I would love to hear your thoughts as well on this blog. Let's encourage each other as we read the Bible together in 90 days. Each week, I will post the reading for the next couple of weeks. Let me simply show you what the reading will look like the first couple of weeks.

  • February 1: Genesis 1-16
  • February 2: Genesis 17-28
  • February 3: Genesis 29-40
  • February 4: Genesis 41-50 (blog post day)
  • February 5: Exodus 1-15
  • February 6: Exodus 16-28
  • February 7: Exodus 29-40
  • February 8: Leviticus 1-14
  • February 9: Leviticus 15-27
  • February 10: Numbers 1-8
  • February 11: Numbers 9-21 (blog post day)
I do not want to pretend that this will be easy. But it will be profitable. I will continue to give you the schedule each week, so keep checking back and I would love to hear what your thinking as you read. Ready? Let's do this thing together!

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