Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Books #9: The Seven Laws of the Learner by Bruce Wilkinson

I have learned tremendously through this book. In The Seven Laws of the Learner, Bruce Wilkinson lays forth some methods that teachers should be using to help people become learners. This book is not a book for learners, it is a book for teachers. Don't be fooled by the title. While his subtitle implies that these methods will help you teach almost anything to practically anyone, the main focus of this book is on teaching the Bible.

Let me say at the beginning that I am not a big fan of the newer stuff by Bruce Wilkinson. But his old stuff is really good. He is a master teacher and has been teaching for generations. The first law that he proposes impacted me the most. "At the very heart of The Seven Laws of the Learner is a total commitment to the full responsibility of the teacher to do everything in his or her power to cause the student to learn" (23). This is what so impacted me. As a teacher, my job is not just to get up and present information. My job is to do everything that I can to ensure that the student learns. Of course students are responsible (particularly when it comes to the Bible and loving Jesus), but we can never use the excuse as a teacher that I did my job. I'm sorry they didn't learn anything. They must not have wanted to learn.

One of the statements that greatly made me think in this book was when he said: "Teachers cause students to learn the material--and great teachers cause great numbers of students to learn great amounts of material" (31).

Of the seven laws, the one that moved me the most was number three, the law of application. I have grown up in culture and climate that says as a teacher of the Bible, my primary responsibility is to give the truth and let the student apply it to their life. I was already starting to change my view on this before I read this book. And what Wilkinson says just reinforced what I was thinking. My role as a teacher is to help people apply what they are learning. He says that fifty percent of what you teach should be application of the content you present. Think of that . . . 50%! It will change the way you look at teaching.

If you are a teacher at any level, this book is a MUST read. If you teach Sunday School for children, you should read this book. If you teach high school or college, you should read this book. If you are a pastor, you should read this book. If you lead a small group at your church, you should read this book! Get the point? This book didn't make number nine on my list because it is just an okay book. This book has changed the way I look at teaching and it will you as well!

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