Friday, February 11, 2011

The Bible in 90 Days: Week 2 (Feb 11, 2011)

Let's be honest, this was a tough week of reading. Our reading this week took us from the beginning of Exodus to the middle of Numbers. Many times when people begin to read the Bible all the way through, they say they get stumbled up in the book of Leviticus. Well, in fact, the end of Exodus starts the difficult parts of the Scriptures to understand.

Moses has led the people out of Egypt and is getting the Law from the Lord. And the Lord is very specific about what He desires His people to be and do. There are aspects of the Law and rules that are set forth by God that make a lot of sense. And then there are things that we simply do not get in our culture today. But as I was reading this portion, I was struck with one aspect of the Law: how could they really fulfill it? And then, that's the point. We learn from the New Testament that the Law was given to show us our sin. It was meant to show us our need. I can well imagine that God telling them to stone someone for gathering firewood on the Sabbath (Num. 15:32-36) was simply a reminder to the people that the Lord was in charge and they were not. It was a test of their heart as to whether they were willing to submit to Him. And God wanted His people to be separate from the other peoples of the day.

And then there is the repetition. Specifically in the book of Numbers, the Bible seems to repeat itself for chapters. Why? As I was reading it this week, I kept telling myself "ALL Scripture is inspired and profitable . . . (2 Tim. 3:16). That means all of it. And what Paul was specifically saying was the OT Scriptures were inspired and profitable. Those specific repetitions were meant to be there for a purpose for us to learn about how God wanted things to be for the nation of Israel.

Well, any thoughts? I hope you are still reading. I would love to hear what you thought as you read this past week. Please respond as it will be an encouragement to everyone who reads. Keep going. Here is the reading schedule for the next couple of weeks. Enjoy.

February 12
Numbers 22-32
February 13
Numbers 33—Deuteronomy 7
February 14
Deuteronomy 8-23
February 15
Deuteronomy 24-34
February 16
Joshua 1-14
February 17
Joshua 15—Judges 3
February 18
Judges 4-15 (blog post day)
February 19
Judges 16—1 Samuel 2
February 20
1 Samuel 3-15
February 21
1 Samuel 16-28
February 22
1 Samuel 29—2 Samuel 12
February 23
2 Samuel 13-22
February 24
2 Samuel 23—1 Kings 7
February 25
1 Kings 8-16 (blog post day)


  1. I find this reading exciting and reading it in a different translation has added a new element of excitement, as I am using the NLT now. I am still intrigued by the sacrifices, and the rituals while the people were under the law, and how Christ changed that! He ws the sacrifice for us and or sin once for all time.
    All of their sacrifices were of no value without their belief in God as their Holy God. That is still true today, unless we place God first, nothing matters, we are empty vessels just living in this world.
    Thanks Thad for guiding us thru this 90 Days. Praise be to God!

  2. Some thoughts as I read through Leviticus. The two goats: one would be slain to picture substitutionary death, and the other would be sent to the wilderness to represent removal of sin,the scapegoat. Both represent a picture of Christ in the forgiveness of sins and the removal of sins symbolically to the Israelites`. But to us that is exactly what Christ has done for us ,literally. He has removed our sins from the presence of God and from us forever.Psalm 103:12 "As far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us". What an awesome God we have.

  3. Finished Numbers a bit ago. I was a bit aheah, but that didn't last long. I'll try to get a few chapters in before I hit the hay.

  4. Thankful that my parents skipped over Deuteronomy 21: 18-21


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