Friday, February 18, 2011

The Bible in 90 Days: Week 3 (Feb 18, 2011)

What a week of reading? It began in Numbers 22 as the Lord was still giving the Law to the nation of Israel. It ended as the nation of Israel had possessed their land, but were in a continual cycle of disobedience that required the need of different judges to judge them (Judges 15).

What was it that struck you this week in reading? For me, I wanted to share just one thing. When the nation of Israel finally went in to possess their land, they were commanded by the Lord to completely destroy and get rid of all the inhabitants of their land. They were to kill them all or drive them all away. There is much danger that can happen when we finally think that our way is better than the Lord's way. I can imagine the scenario as it played out. They knew they were to wipe them out, but they also knew they were stronger than the people there. Maybe they knew about the history of their people, how they played the slave position back in Egypt. Now, they had the opportunity to have their own slaves. Joshua 17:13 is one of the saddest verses in the Bible.

"It came about when the sons of Israel became strong, they put the Canaanites to forced labor, but they did not drive them out completely."

They thought it was more to their advantage to have slaves than it was to get rid of the people. Of course, after a few generations, this comes back to haunt the people of Israel as they begin to intermarry and worship the gods of the Canaanites. Thus the continual cycle of disobedience that we find in the book of Judges.

I wondered as I read that how often I allow things in my life that I really need to just get rid of. Ever think that way? I think I need to drive some things out of my life completely so that in a few years it does not come back to haunt me. Think about it!

What are you learning? Keep going. In my personal opinion, these next couple weeks are great portions of the OT to read. They are filled with historical narratives. Here is the schedule for the next two weeks. Keep going and please post a comment or two so we can all learn from each other. I have appreciated the comments from a few of you over the past couple weeks. Keep it up!

February 19
Judges 16—1 Samuel 2
February 20
1 Samuel 3-15
February 21
1 Samuel 16-28
February 22
1 Samuel 29—2 Samuel 12
February 23
2 Samuel 13-22
February 24
2 Samuel 23—1 Kings 7
February 25
1 Kings 8-16 (blog post day)
February 26
1 Kings 17—2 Kings 4
February 27
2 Kings 5-15
February 28
2 Kings 16-25
March 1
1 Chronicles 1-9
March 2
1 Chronicles 10-23
March 3
1 Chronicles 24—2 Chronicles 7
March 4
2 Chronicles 8-23 (blog post day)


  1. One thing I forgot to add in this blog...don't get behind! I forgot how difficult it was when I missed a day of reading this week. It is very difficult to catch up even after missing one day...keep going!

  2. Howdee Dr. Thad,
    I got a bit behind a few days ago, but caught back up and now a day or so ahead. I'll try to stay ahead so if I miss a day it's not panic time.. Weather was nice here today, but we have a winter storm watch thru tomorrow (24th) night.
    Pray all is going well with you and family up there.
    Oh.. and since you weren't around, I took Bart to lunch at El Potrillo. New lunch special was very good.

  3. For not get behind! I am dealing with my lyme disease this week and reading is very difficult when I am in a flare. The tick stole some of my gray matter that helps me read and left word confusion in its place. But I am caught up and Praising the LORD!
    I am amazed at how God will use pagans or non-believing persons to assist His people, and still the pagans don't follow him! God is so amazing, and we are so human!
    I have to admit in Judges and the Kings..all the fighting and wars was hard to read thru, but I know His way is the only way, and He still has to hit us over the head once in a while to get our attention, so not much has changed..
    Thanks Dr. Thad for this previledge, and now I truly see why reading the Bible in a year was more boring for me...and this is so much more interesting because it is fast moving. It also takes commitment and perseverance, which I need in my daily reading.
    Hugs kids miss you a bunch!


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