Friday, February 25, 2011

The Bible in 90 Days: Week 4 (Feb 25, 2011)

The reading for this week took us from Judges 16 to 1 Kings 16. The bulk of this reading is the historical accounts of the nation of Israel as they begin to look for a king and the struggles that come with that decision. This was one of my favorite weeks of reading so far. I say that mostly because the book of 1 Samuel is one of my favorite books. I love to read the interactions between Samuel, Saul, and David.

The first king, Saul, has his problems as he rejects the Lord. Then we see a young man David emerging as a man after God's own heart. But of course, we learn in 2 Samuel that he has his own issues. Solomon comes next and his heart is torn away from the Lord by his many wives. Then all chaos begins to happen as the kingdom of Israel is split.

What can be learned from all this? There is a saying I have heard throughout the years that adequately describes this section of Scripture. I don't even know who the originator is, but it goes something like this: The best of men are men at best. That is what I thought as I read this week. If you remember back when Israel requested a king, God told Samuel that the nation was not rejecting him as judge, but God as their leader. He even warned the people that the king would take their sons for war and their food and their land. Even the best king in the world will fail.

The summary: God is the only one who will not fail you. Trust in Him instead of some person or leader of your church or government. He alone will not let you down.

Now, what have you learned? Please keep reading. I appreciate those that post comments and hope the rest of you will as well. I hope and pray that you are still reading. Keep going, the Scriptures will continue to open up your life as you read them. I have posted the reading for the next couple of weeks. Until next Friday, have a great week!

February 26
1 Kings 17—2 Kings 4
February 27
2 Kings 5-15
February 28
2 Kings 16-25
March 1
1 Chronicles 1-9
March 2
1 Chronicles 10-23
March 3
1 Chronicles 24—2 Chronicles 7
March 4
2 Chronicles 8-23 (blog post day)
March 5
2 Chronicles 24-36
March 6
Ezra 1-10
March 7
Nehemiah 1-13
March 8
Nehemiah 14—Job 7
March 9
Job 8-24
March 10
Job 25-42
March 11
Job 43—Psalm 24 (blog post day)


  1. Felt like this past week I could have used a huge dry erase board (you on police shows) to keep track of all the charactors. Something to help keep track of who was good, not so good, bad, or very bad. Doesn't help much when some of the names are simular...guess if I had a better Biblical understanding, this would be much easier.
    I did enjoy reading this past week. I'd read a story like Naaman's leprosy and go ' that's where that story is'. We'd been through Joshua and in Ruth now in ABF, so those books were fun to re-read.
    I'll keep at it. Found it's easier for me to read several shorter times of the day than it try to read a bunch at one time. These getting older eyes like that alot better.
    All is well back this way. Heard thunder for the 1st time this year this afternoon. Didn't do much here.
    Better get to bed so my eyes will be well rested in the morning...

  2. I agree, It was like The Good ,The Bad And The Ugly. Israel going from bad to worse. The hard thing is how to apply these sections to my life . Although I can relate like Israel, they would forget God and His commandments. I have those same tendencies, going about my day with my own agenda in mind, forgetting what God has shown me from His Word earlier in the day.
    I am thoroughly enjoying the reading. Though I`m having a tough time pronouncing all those names. Who would name their kids Jehoiada ,Jehoash,Remaliah.... and Pekahiah??? Although I know, there is meaning to every name...
    I try to stay ahead in my reading a little bit , I struggled through 1 Chronicles last night..., more hard to pronounce names and places, genealogies from Adam to Benjamin, whew...

  3. 2 Kings 20:6
    Hezekiah is designated a franchise player.
    (yeah I know...weak anology)

  4. 1 Chronicles 4:16
    I think more logical names for sons 3 and 4 would have been Zipho and Ziphee.

  5. We say goodbye to David. I say goodbye at 1 Chronicles.

  6. Yea, 1 Chronicles is not the easiest book in the Bible is it?

  7. As I read 2 Chronicles 2:18 I thought how different times are now. If written today the verse might read like:
    Seventy thousand bureaucrats sign bills into laws. 80,000 people are needed to enforce the regulations and 3,600 people work to pay for it all.


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