Monday, February 21, 2011

The Morning After: RETRO 02

Yesterday at church was a very unique experience. I continued in my short four week series that I have called RETRO. The topic I preached on was in fact preaching. Preaching on preaching is a very interesting and delicate subject. Basically, what I am telling people is what I should be doing. Well, in reality, the title of the message was Looking Back At Preaching So We Can Look Forward To Listening.

I did deal with the listening aspect of what happens in the preaching event, but I primarily wanted to state from the beginning the reasons why I preach. Over the years, there have been those inside and outside the church that have said preaching is no longer important. They have said that it doesn't work in a postmodern culture. They have said that it is impossible for people to sit still for long periods of time and to really understand what the preacher is saying. What they are really saying is that preaching is just basically out of style!

If preaching was to be something that would go out of style, Paul would not have been so bold to communicate to Timothy that his primary responsibility was to preach the Word (2 Tim 4:1-4). He was telling Timothy to be committed to that means of spreading the truth of God. 

My goal in this sermon was to show that preaching is not out of style, but is in fact the primary means God has instituted for learning to take place in the corporate gathering of the church. And as the preacher opens the Bible, interprets the Bible correctly, and re-preaches the Bible to his people, it is as if God is speaking. I shared with them Four Reasons Why I Will Be Committed To Preaching.
  1. I Will Preach Because God Is A Preacher
  2. I Will Preach Because God Calls Preachers
  3. I Will Preach Because God Instructs Preachers
  4. I Will Preach Because God Does His Work Through His Spirit
Let must just say one word about that last one. Even though I feel called to preaching, I am not sure I could stand up there week after week if I did not think God is the One to move in the hearts of people. If I didn't believe that He will do His intended work with His Word (Isa 55:11), it would be very hard to keep doing what I am doing. Some have said that only the Spirit of God can take the Word of God from the ear to the heart.

So I preach. And people hopefully will listen! I finished by challenging the people to work as hard at listening as they would want me to work at preaching. This is a partnership, a teamwork that I hope grows stronger and stronger as the years go by. To God Be The Glory!

Disclaimer: Much of what I preached is found in the first chapter of my book, Helping Johnny Listen. I would love for all those from CBC to read it and pass the word around about the book.

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