Friday, March 4, 2011

The Bible in 90 Days: Week 5 (March 4, 2011)

Reading This Past Week: 1 Kings 17--2 Chronicles 23

Thoughts from the Reading: Well, another week of a bunch of guys who did not obey the Lord and a few guys who did. This week's reading was still at the beginning of the split of the nation of Israel and therefore, as you read there were two kings all the time. One king was the King of Judah, which if you are thinking the geographical world that we know now, would have been the southern area of Israel. The other king was called the King of Israel, which would have been the northern section of what we think of as Israel.

They were separate and sometimes worked together and sometimes they fought against each other. The hard part of this reading was keeping everyone straight and who was who. It is hard when the text jumps back and forth between Israel & Judah. I should have posted a link last week, but something like THIS CHART might have been helpful to keep things flowing in your mind as you read.

The thing that struck me as I read this was God's goodness. I know that might sound strange seeing that there was a whole lot of killing and destruction that took place from the hand of God in this time. But what I thought as I read this was that God was truly merciful to those that sought Him. He did not punish as He had planned when people and kings would repent of their worship of the false idols.

The other thing that struck me was how many people were involved in this time of history. Sometimes I tend to think that Israel was this little nation (and compared to America or other larger nations, it is small). But when it says that 300,000 men were struck down or that they sacrificed 7,000 sheep, I am brought into a reality of how large that must be. Think about it, what would happen if 300,000 people were killed at one time in one battle? How would our world respond today?

I would love to hear from you. I hope you are still reading and tracking along in this process. Here is the reading schedule for the next two weeks. We have some great reading over the next two weeks as we get close to the book of Psalm. Don't be too excited, but as you can see, there is one catch-up day in this plan and I have scheduled it for March 18th. But trust me, don't plan on that now. Stay caught up. And please share about your experience so every can be encouraged.

March 5
2 Chronicles 24-36
March 6
Ezra 1-10
March 7
Nehemiah 1-13
March 8
Nehemiah 14—Job 7
March 9
Job 8-24
March 10
Job 25-42
March 11
Job 43—Psalm 24 (blog post day)
March 12
Psalm 25-45
March 13
Psalm 46-69
March 14
Psalm 70-89
March 15
Psalm 90-108
March 16
Psalm 109-134
March 17
Psalm 135—Proberbs 6
March 18
Catch Up Day! (blog post day)


  1. Ezra 4:7
    Bishlam, Mithredath and Tabeel challenge a building permit

  2. Nehemiah 11:25-34
    Been handy to be in the tribe of Benjamin and live in Ono...close to a Sears. (best I can come up with today)

  3. Made it into Psalms this afternoon. Looks like we are going to be here awhile.


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