Friday, March 11, 2011

The Bible in 90 Days: Week 6 (March 11, 2011)

Reading This Past Week: 2 Chronicles 24--Psalm 24

Thoughts from the Reading: There were really some great portions of Scripture that we read this week. I really hope you enjoyed learning more and more about the nation of Israel, their entrance into captivity, and their eventual return and building of walls & temple in Jerusalem. We then had the story of Esther & Job. One thing that stuck out to me as I was reading the book of Job is how Job initially responded to his trials and how he eventually responded to them. At first, we are told that that he did not sin or blame God (1:22). After more things happen, we are told that he did not sin with his lips (2:10). Then of course he spirals down into depression and blames God for everything.

I was really think about how to deal with trials and situations of life. In no way is my situation similar to Job's, but having our house not sell has been difficult for our family. We want to get settled. We want to get established. We used that house for ministry and the Lord and trust Him to sell it. And when it doesn't sell, at first I have been good with it. I know God has a plan. But as time passes, I tend to say the right things, but my heart is questioning why God would let it not sell. In the end, I listen to the questions God asks Job (38-42) and I know that He has a plan. It is according to His purpose and if it is nothing more than to take me to a deeper level of trust in Him, I am okay with that. At least I am saying I am, but it is a constant battle. Know what I mean?

Next Week's Reading: This next week is really just spent in the book of Psalm. I hope you enjoy this next week. And guess what? This next week, we come to the one and only day off. For some, that means catching up. For others maybe that means taking some time to read some other material. Still for others, may I suggest you get ahead. There will be some reading coming up that is not the easiest (Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel). Enjoy this next week. 

One more thing. Since this next week is mostly all from the book of Psalms. I would love to see your comments next Friday on which Psalms made the greatest impact on you and why. Until then, have a great week!

March 12
Psalm 25-45
March 13
Psalm 46-69
March 14
Psalm 70-89
March 15
Psalm 90-108
March 16
Psalm 109-134
March 17
Psalm 135—Proberbs 6
March 18
Catch Up Day! (blog post day)
March 19
Proverbs 7-20
March 20
Proverbs 21—Ecclesiastes 2
March 21
Ecclesiastes 3—Song of Solomon 8
March 22
Isaiah 1-13
March 23
Isaiah 14-28
March 24
Isaiah 29-41
March 25
Isaiah 42-52 (blog post day)


  1. Made use of the MacArther Bible Kindle app on my phone today. Was able to get a few chapters in while I was waiting to fill the spray rig. Helped me stay on schedule....for now.
    Great reading the past few days. About the time I'd find a great verse to post about, I'd find an even greater one...(repeat).
    I'll try to stay caught up. Been nice here so getting busy with the farmer stuff.
    Take care.

  2. Psalm 51
    Seems like remember some guy teaching on that on a Wednesday night a few years back.

  3. Good news:
    I've made it to the halfway point in the Bible.
    Bad news:
    Acording to the chart above, I should have done that yesterday.
    Why is it so hard to stay ahead and so easy to get behind? ...ugh.... oh...could be that I get lazy.
    What I had planned as a get ahead day just might turn into a catch up day. One key to that might be to quit typing and start reading.


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