Friday, March 25, 2011

The Bible in 90 Days: Week 8 (March 25, 2011)

Reading This Past Week: Proverbs 7--Isaiah 52

Thoughts From The Reading: This was a tough week of trying to catch up for me, but I am almost there. When I was sick last week, I got behind about four days worth of reading. Do the math, that is not easy to make up. But I am within one day of being caught up.

What struck me this week in the reading was the justice of God. With all the news in the previous weeks about God's love always winning (my first and only reference to Rob Bell's book), I was struck once again by the clarity of God being not only a loving God, but also a wrathful God. These are two aspects of His character, which go hand in hand. Isaiah speaks of judgment on all sorts of nations. He speaks of the end of the times when the Lord will lay waste to the entire world. This is not the language of love always winning. Well, actually it is, but not in the sense that most people think. God's love wins in His judgment of those that refuse to listen and obey Him. As you read through these prophets, think about which team you are on and what life will be like for those that oppose the Lord.

Reading Next Week: We have basically two more weeks in the Old Testament and then we get to the parts that are more familiar to most people. Enjoy this time. Make sure you take the time to read through these prophets. I my experience of doing this before, these next two weeks will be the most difficult. Some have fallen behind. Some are getting weary. Some of the material is so foreign and difficult to understand. But press on!

March 26
Isaiah 53-66
March 27
Jeremiah 1-10
March 28
Jeremiah 11-23
March 29
Jeremiah 24-33
March 30
Jeremiah 34-47
March 31
Jeremiah 48—Lamentations 1
April 1
Lamentations 2—Ezekiel 12 (blog post day)
April 2
Ezekiel 13-23
April 3
Ezekiel 24-35
April 4
Ezekiel 36-48
April 5
Daniel 1-8
April 6
Daniel 9—Hosea 13
April 7
Hosea 14—Amos 9
April 8
Obadiah 1—Nahum 3 (blog post day)

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  1. I am also behind this last few days. My little dog is gravely ill and been in and out of the hospital. I have been hand feeding her and carrying her where she goes, because she is in seizure activity most of I am in Jeremiah but not where I should be. I took Isaiah in slowly and just soaked it in..what a blessing it is!


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