Friday, April 8, 2011

The Bible in 90 Days: Week 10 (April 8, 2011)

Reading This Past Week: Ezekiel 13 - Nahum 3

Thoughts From The Reading: I have to tell everyone. It is confession time. I once again got behind in the reading. I am not sure why that is the case, but the thought actually came to my mind to raise the white flag. But I won't, I will keep going. I will catch up very soon.

A friend of mine, Mike, said the other day that Ezekiel 18 was his favorite part of that book. As I read that, I thought about my parents, my life, and my kids life. There certainly is something to be said that I will be held responsible for my sins, not my parents sins. And thankfully, my kids will be responsible for their sins, not mine. As I parent them, I have to keep in mind to continually point them to the gospel each day. For while they are held responsible for their own sins, they will be responsible for their own faith. May we pray for them.

Reading Next Week: Okay, so it is catch up week for me and maybe some of you. This week will will finish with the Old Testament and make our way through half of the gospel accounts. Last time I did this, when I got to this point there was a sense of relief and excitement. Not that I disliked the OT at all, but all that the OT was pointing to was now being realized in the message of Jesus Christ. So keep reading and rejoice that all the Law & the Prophets are now fulfilled in the accounts that you read in Jesus in these gospels.

April 9
Habakkuk 1—Zechariah 10
April 10
Zechariah 11—Matthew 4
April 11
Matthew 5-15
April 12
Matthew 16-26
April 13
Matthew 27—Mark 9
April 14
Mark 10—Luke 1
April 15
Luke 2-9 (blog post day)
April 16
Luke 10-20
April 17
Luke 21—John 5
April 18
John 6-15
April 19
John 16—Acts 6
April 20
Acts 7-16
April 21
Acts 17-28
April 22
Romans 1-14 (blog post day)


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