Friday, April 29, 2011

The Bible in 90 Days: Week 13 (April 29, 2011)

Tomorrow ends the 90-day reading plan through the Bible. I know for me, I have had a much harder time finishing this time than I did the last time. Maybe it was because of all the things going on in my life. I have missed many days and have had to do a lot of make up days.

This Week's Reading: Romans 15--Revelation 22

What I Learned From This Week's Reading: This week's reading contained most of the NT Pauline teachings. It seems that I find myself always going back to His writings as well as the other epistles in the NT. What's interesting is that the gospels teach us about Jesus' life. The book of Acts teaches us how the early church was impacted by the resurrection of Jesus. The epistles teach us the theology of Jesus worked out in real life. I love it!

What's Next: I wanted to poll some of you. I would like to read a book together through the nature of blogging and the Internet. Anyone game to read a chapter a week in a book and post some thoughts? I know some people have done this on other blogs, wondering what you thought about it? Anyone interested? Or the other thought is that I have been itching to write another Bible Study Guide like I did with John, 1 Thessalonians, & 1 John. Would anyone be interested in studying the book of James online as I post each week's study guide? I would love your input either through this blog, FaceBook, or Twitter. Thanks again for reading and following. I really hope we encourage each other in this process.

Thad B.


  1. Thad,thanks for challenging me to join in this. It has been a blessing.It was a struggle at times but I really did enjoy it. I look forward to doing it again

  2. I finished your 93 day plan a day early.
    I also enjoyed this. Seemed like such a huge task just a couple months ago. Thankful that we have GOD's word to freely read. Thankful we did this and look forward to doing it again.


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