Friday, April 1, 2011

The Bible in 90 Days: Week 9 (April 1, 2011)

Reading This Past Week: Isaiah 53-Ezekiel 12

Thoughts From The Reading: I promise no April Fool's jokes in this blog post. This section of Scripture started off with one of the best sections in the prophets--Isaiah 53. Some people might read the prophets and get depressed. They talk about judgment and persecution that is going to come upon those that do not obey God (which it seems is most of them). But every now and then, there are parts that show a glimmer of hope. There will be a Suffering Servant that will come and redeem the people from their sins. Like the sun poking through a dark cloudy day, we can see the mercy of God through these readings in the prophets.

One thing that really stood out to me as I read the book of Jeremiah was that God said He was going to bring Babylon in to destroy Israel (Judah). But then as you read on, He was later going to destroy Babylon for how they treated His people. God was doing a work and using the pagan nations to make right His people.

The other thing that got me as in Jeremiah was the situation when there was a remnant that came to Jeremiah asking what they should do. He tells them not to go into Egypt, but to stay where they were (even if that meant famine or war against other nations). He tells them that if they go into Egypt, they would be destroyed, but if they remained in their homeland they would be saved. Here is their response: "As for the message that you have spoken to us in the name of the Lord, we are not going to listen to you!" (Jeremiah 44:16). Ouch! But how many times do I hear a message from the Lord and I dismiss it. It is easy to cast my stones at them, but I know I do it myself. Don't you?

Reading Next Week: I have once again posted the reading schedule for the next two weeks. A few encouraging things to point out to you. This will be the last week which will be spent entirely in the Old Testament. After this week, we will start to read more familiar parts of the Bible, and easier parts to comprehend. But keep going. There are some sweet portions of the prophets as you read them. Think about the balance between the justice and love of God.

April 2
Ezekiel 13-23
April 3
Ezekiel 24-35
April 4
Ezekiel 36-48
April 5
Daniel 1-8
April 6
Daniel 9—Hosea 13
April 7
Hosea 14—Amos 9
April 8
Obadiah 1—Nahum 3 (blog post day)
April 9
Habakkuk 1—Zechariah 10
April 10
Zechariah 11—Matthew 4
April 11
Matthew 5-15
April 12
Matthew 16-26
April 13
Matthew 27—Mark 9
April 14
Mark 10—Luke 1
April 15
Luke 2-9 (blog post day)


  1. Sitting on the front porch eating popcorn, reading Ezekiel 23

  2. Finished up Ezekiel this evening. Highlited quite a few verses over the past week (fighured out how to do that on the phone app). What I noticed most was either passages of great praise or even when judgment was being handed down, how beautiful the language of the text. Best chapter of the past week may have been Ezekiel 18. I'd like to spend more time with that chapter sometime.
    But for now it's off into Daniel. This will be somewhat of an easy book since we just recently went through it on Tuesday morning during our men's Bible study.
    Just noticed where my bookmark is. Wow... we've come a long in a short time. It will at least seem to speed up as we read 13 books in the next 5 days. Breaking into the New Testament will be a 'light at the end of the tunnel' moment.
    All is well back this way. Wind can't seem to decide which way to blow from, yet no rain. Starting to get a bit dry back this way.
    Take care...


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