Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Basics Conference @ Parkside Church

One of the great things about where I am now located is that we are just about 35 minutes from Parkside Church, which is where Alistair Begg is the Senior Pastor. This week, they have their annual Pastors & Church Leaders Conference. The theme this year at the Basics Conference is "Doing the Work of an Evangelist."

The conference started yesterday afternoon and I was able to go to a couple seminars and general sessions. First, I went to a seminar for those interested in the Logos Bible Software. I have always been interested in Logos and for the first time, I was able to see what it does. I was impressed. And yes, I did make a purchase (but don't tell my wife - just kidding, she knows).

Alistair Begg kicked off the general sessions by talking about John 3 and Jesus' interaction with Nicodemus. He began the message with this statement: "The pulse-beat of the heart of God has an evangelistic rhythm." He expounded on the necessity of being born again, the tragedy of unbelief, the complete sufficiency of His death, & our personal responsibility of believing in Jesus alone. It is all about regeneration or being born again! At the end of the message, he made this statement which really was impacting: "If God's pulse is evangelistic, what's my pulse?" What's your pulse?

One of the great things about conferences like this is catching up on relationships. I was able to spend some time with two guys in particular yesterday. Adam Romans works at Parkside Church as a Campus Pastor at their Green Campus. The other guy was Nate Friedrichsen who works at College Church in Wheaton, Illinois. The interesting thing about these two guys is that each of them married a young lady that was part of our youth ministry when I was a youth pastor in Bartlett, Illinois. So, I always have to ask them if they are taking care of their wife.

The last session of the evening was by Rico Tice, a guy I have never heard of. He was a great surprise to me. I really appreciated him. He is an evangelist from England, as he said, probably one of only three born again people in the Anglican Church. His style is very unique as he gave a look at the program he has produced called "Christianity Explained", taken from the gospel of Mark. He summarizes Mark's gospel with these three words: Identity, Mission, & Call! I will definitely be checking out more of his ministry and look forward to his sessions today.

You can watch the Live Stream of the General Sessions today. Here is the Schedule (E.S.T). I hope you can enjoy it.

9:30 am - Main Session, John Dickson
11:00 am - Main Session, Rico Tice
7:00 pm - Main Session, John Dickson

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  1. Wow, didn't realize you guys were so close to Parkside. I really hope you enjoy the conference!



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