Sunday, May 22, 2011

Video Sunday - Hell: We Can't Afford To Get It Wrong by Francis Chan

I have been thinking about ways in which I can add a little something extra to this blog. I came up with this idea, maybe it's good, maybe it's not. But I run across several videos each week of preachers or other church leaders talking about good things. So I thought each Sunday, I would give everyone a short video they could watch.

This week, I have chosen this video by Francis Chan. It is called, Hell: We Can't Afford To Get It Wrong. What I really appreciate about Chan is his humility when it comes to the issue of Hell. You may or may not know, but there has been a lot of buzz recently about hell. This is one of the best responses to it. And I do look forward to his book that he is writing about this topic, due out soon. Enjoy! It will be worth your 10 minutes.

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