Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cornerstone Bible Church - VBS 2011

Monday begins our summer VBS at Cornerstone Bible Church. It is starting to become a habit, but my wife is once again the VBS coordinator. Before you think that is a negative comment, let me explain. She loves to do it and I think she does a great job. There is probably nobody I would rather have doing it the first year we are here at CBC. When we arrived at Cornerstone and started to ask questions, it turned out there was nobody scheduled to organize it this year. So, my wife jumped in with both feet and I am happy and excited for her.

However, it is different. This is the first year that she is coordinating it without having a building. Everything will take place at Cardinal Middle School, which has some benefits and negatives. One of the greatest benefits is a great gymnasium that can be used when it rains outside. One of the greatest hindrances is decorating the facilities. We can do some, but not what we are used to doing.

The curriculum we are using this year is once again from Answers in Genesis. We love their curriculum because it is so creative, yet very biblical. The theme this year is Operation Space: A Close Encounter with God's Word. The students will be learning about the uniqueness and authority of the Bible.

The main purpose of this blog post is to ask you to pray. I have been reading a book about revival (check every Friday blog posts) and it seems that every revival starts and ends with prayer. We are so dependent upon God as we minister to people here in Middlefield as you are in your city. Here is how you can pray for our church as we minister the gospel to many children this week:

  • Pray for great weather and for safety each day
  • Pray for all of our volunteers to have patience and energy as they strive to impact each child who attends VBS
  • Pray for our teachers (Jeni Najjar & Lisa Starr) as they present the Bible lessons each day
  • Pray for the hearts of the children in attendance. Pray that they would listen attentively and be impacted with the gospel message
  • Praise God for the privilege and opportunities He has provided for us to share the gospel and pray that we would be faithful to proclaim truth
  • Pray for the salvation of many children this week
  • Pray for the opportunity to impact the parents of children who visit VBS this week
Thank you! Thank you for praying! Two last prayer requests. Pray for my wife as she leads this vital ministry. And lastly, pray for a little boy named Thomas. He is a little boy that was in Anni's class and lives two doors down from our rental. He is down at our house just about every day. As I understand it, he comes from a separated home (lives with mom and grandma, but dad is not around very often). He is always out and about in the neighborhood. He is coming to VBS with us and I pray that we might be able to minister to him as well as his mom and grandma.

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  1. Your wife is doing an awesome job, together with the dozens of others who are volunteering their time and talent to this worthwhile venture! I watched the kids yesterday -- they were so enthusiastic and on fire for the Lord -- singing their hearts out, it literally brought tears to my eyes! May it always stay this way!


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