Monday, June 20, 2011

The Morning After: A Life of Service (Matt 6:19-24)

No one can serve two masters! It is impossible to serve God and money! These are the hard words of Jesus in Matthew 6:24, which should shake us to the core. He is saying that He is not just an option among many others to be worshipped, but is the only option.

The interesting thing is that money or possessions are polygamists. They really don't care if you love someone else as long as they are included. but the problem is that Jesus isn't a polygamist. He is an exclusivist. He says that we must give ourselves fully to Him or else we can't give ourselves to Him at all.

My main thought yesterday as I was preaching through this section of Scripture was really a question: Who do you really serve? We often think that we can serve God and hold onto our idols on the side. We have learned very little in the Church from the nation of Israel who tried time after time to walk on both sides of the fence. In 2 Kings 17:41, we are told "while these nations feared the Lord, they also served their idols; their children likewise and their grandchildren, as their fathers did, so they do to this day." They did what their parents did and their kids will do it as well.

There are many in my generation (and those older than me) that are shocked at what the younger generations is doing and acting. And while this generation might be playing with a different ball in the game, they are playing on the same field as we played in. They are trying to worship God and their idols at the same time in the same way that we always have.

To this, Jesus says, "You cannot serve two masters!" Earlier in the passage, He tells us to stop storing up treasures on earth, but to store them up in heaven. Treasures on earth are temporary, but those in heaven are permanent. Those on earth can be destroyed by moth or rust or stolen (or even a tornado can take it all away). But treasures that are stored up in heaven can never be destroyed or taken away. So, how do we do it? How do we store up treasures in heaven? We take the physical things that God has given to us and use them for kingdom purposes.

  • Use your money for God's work and God's people.
  • Use your vacation time to encourage others instead of only living for yourself.
  • Use your job as a mission field.
  • Use your time for kingdom work.
  • Use your home to impact people in the name of Jesus.
  • Use your kids sporting events to build relationships that glorify Jesus.
  • Use your opportunities when you are offended to forgive and show the importance of the cross of Jesus.
Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Who do you really serve? 

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