Monday, June 27, 2011

The Morning After: A Life of Trust (Matt 6:25-34)

One of my greatest struggles in life is worrying. I know that some of you might be shocked by that, thinking I have it all together. But I do tend to worry about my life. Whenever my wife is late in getting home, I tend to worry that something has happened to her. I tend to overprotect my kids from going places by themselves because I worry about what could happen. I think our home in Kansas has taken so long to sell because God has wanted to deal with my worry problem (I'm thankful to say that it is to close tomorrow morning). I have a worry problem.

Well, really it is more than a problem because Jesus commands us three times in this passage to not worry (vs. 25, 31, 35). Therefore, to worry would be considered sin. I think when we tend to think of worry as something that happens to us instead of something that we can control. I wonder if this is a blind spot for many of us.

The main thought from this passage is that Worry Is Ultimately A Lack of Trust in God! Trust in God and worrying about life are two polar extremes that cannot co-habitate in our lives. As I broke down this passage, I saw Five Reasons Why Worrying Doesn't Make Sense For The Person Who Is Part Of The Kingdom.

1.  Because We Know Our Life Is More Than The Temporal (vs. 25)
2.  Because We Know God Cares For His Creation (vs. 26, 28-30)
3.  Because We Know It Doesn't Accomplish Anything (vs. 27)
4.  Because We Know God Knows What We Really Need (vs. 31-32)
5.  Because We Know What We Should Pursue (vs. 33-34)

As I walked through this, the one thing that most impacted me was the very last verse. Jesus ends appropriately with one last command not to worry about life or things of this life. Specifically, He tells us not to worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will take care of itself. In fact, each day has enough trouble of it's own. His point is that we need to just get through today! I summarized it like this:

Today's Troubles + Today's Grace = TRUST

Today's Troubles + Today's Grace + Tomorrow's Troubles = WORRY

If we live our lives in the here and now and trust the Lord to help us get through today, then we are on the right path. He will give us the grace to get through today. But if we combine today's troubles with tomorrow's troubles, we will worry! We have been given enough grace to get through today. Tomorrow will have it's own problems, most likely, things we have no idea about right now. But tomorrow also brings about more grace. So, let's trust! Let's trust in our Father by seeking His Kingdom today with all we have!

What do you tend to worry about? (if you want to listen to the entire sermon, find it HERE, usually posted by 12pm on Tuesday)

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