Sunday, June 12, 2011

Video Sunday: The Danger of Cultural Morality by John MacArthur

From the time the Lord grabbed a hold of my heart, John MacArthur has played an integral role in my spiritual growth. I feel as though I have been discipled by him from afar, as so many of you have. I have listened to many sermons. I have read numerous books. The Gospel According to Jesus made the top 5 in my list of most influential books. The main men who have impacted and discipled me in ministry have been from The Master's Seminary. I have been to his pastor's conference seven times. To say that he has impacted my life and ministry would be an overstatement. Yes, there have been times when I have disagreed with his stance on some issues. But I have respected his stance for the truth in a world that sees a need for relativity.

Last Sunday, he finished preaching through the gospel of Mark, which means that in the 30+ years he has been at Grace Community Church, he has now preached through the entire New Testament. Because of that, I felt it would be good this Sunday to have a short video from John MacArthur. I found this one and just loved it. It is a video that summarizes my entire blog: we need to be changed by the gospel! And the fact that it is one of those new trendy Sermon Jam, that is cool as well. Enjoy!

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