Monday, August 15, 2011

Anniversary Week: The Most Popular Blog Posts

I have no idea if the statistics software that is attached to my blog correctly records which posts get the most hits. I assume it does. So, I assume this post will be correct. Over the course of the past year, I have made 213 blog posts (not bad for a first year). I was interested, so I checked to see which ones were the most popular posts of the past year. Here are The Top 5 Most Popular Blog Posts in my first year of blogging.

I am so happy this is in the top five. She so deserves it. All of those things that I stated back almost a year ago are still true today, probably even more so. I know that it has been a very interesting year for her. One of the reasons why it has been so difficult not finding a home here in Ohio is because I want a place for her. But she doesn't complain a bit. She is so easy going with this transition that is now in the 7th month. One more shout out for her, if you have not visited her blog and passed it on, would you?

Book Moms: Reviewing Christian and Secular Children's Literature Through The Lens Of The Gospel

Back in the middle of December, we made the announcement that the Lord was moving us from Grace Bible Church in Hutchinson, Kansas to Cornerstone Bible Church in Middlefield, Ohio. I just went back and read what I wrote and I was almost in tears again thinking of all our relationships back in Kansas. But God is doing some really cool things here in Ohio and we look forward to the next years of ministry here. We love you back in Kansas, and we love those now in our life here in Ohio.

This past year, I have reviewed over 30 books on my blog. Many of them have been from different publishers who have generously given me free books if I would review them. This was not one of them. But I am still standing by my statement that day that it was one of the best books I had read last year. I think it might be the BEST book I have read in the past year. If you still have not read it, what are you waiting for? It is a book that describes the need for the gospel for all people, including Christians. It is his take on the book of Jonah. Read it, you will not be disappointed.

It seems like anything by Tim Challies is very popular these days in the reformed circles of Christendom. And it should be. He is one of the foremost Christian bloggers in the world ( He is a very good writer. This post was part of a blog tour from Zondervan Publishers. I thank them for the free book and I was very happy to give one away as part of the deal. The Next Story is a blogger and Internet guru's take on how technology can and should be part (or not part) of the Christian's faith. It is a very good read.

Far and away this was the most popular blog post. This post is why I started to blog in the first place. I wanted a forum in which I could write about things that happen in my life. The day that Bin Laden was killed, I watched the news with my son JT. And He asked this question: "Dad, are they celebrating that this guy was killed?" It was only as I put down my thoughts on paper (or screen) that I was able to make sense of what was going on and his question.

That's it. My top most hit blog posts in the past year. What do you think? Did you read them? What was your favorite blog post on this site in the past year?

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