Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Firmly Planted Children

One main aspect of Psalm 1 is that the righteous man will be firmly planted in the Word of God just like a solid tree planted by the streams of water. When that happens, nothing can stop that man. It says they will be prosperous in whatever they do. That doesn't mean they will be prosperous as we define it in our American context. It doesn't mean they will make millions of dollars ever year. What it means is that his life will be grounded so that no matter what happens to him, he will know how to respond because he has roots that are deep into the things of God.

I have been thinking about this concept as I am trying to shepherd my children. I want them to delight in the law of the Lord and I want them to meditate on His law day and night. I want the Scriptures to consume them. I want them to know that all the answers to life are found in this book. In order to do that, I am directing them to the Scriptures over and over. 

Karsten (my oldest son, 11 years old) should finish this week his 90-day reading plan through the New Testament. It is great to watch him sit on the porch in the evening and read his Bible. He sets his own alarm clock in the morning and the first thing he does is to wake up and read his Bible. I hope and pray for him that the Bible takes him and firmly roots him in the Lord.

JT (my youngest son, 9 years old) has decided that he wants to memorize larger portions of the Bible. He first started to memorize the book of 1 Thessalonians. I am sure he started this because I am trying to memorize it (almost through chapter 2 in case your interested). But then one night last week, he came to me and said he would memorize the book of Psalms. I smiled and said "okay, that's a good goal." Well, in just a few days, he has memorized Psalm 1. I hope and pray for him that the Bible takes him and firmly roots him in the Lord.

Now please don't think that we are super parents. There are many things that we are not doing right. For instance: JT came to me last night and asked, "Dad, when are we going to start reading the Bible together as a family again?" Ouch! That hurts when your nine year old son asks for you to be the leader of the home and read the Bible as a family together. That will be something we will get back to very soon as we seek to firmly plant our children.

Question: What Are You Doing To Firmly Plant Your Children In The Word Of God?

When JT was finished memorizing Psalm 1, he said it to me. But then I told him he would not be done with it until he said it two nights in a row. I want him not to just memorize it for the moment, but for it to really be there in his mind. This is the second night. I am amazed at how easy he memorizes the Bible.

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