Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Poor Diet of the Word of God?

Just a couple days ago, I posted a short article on the Word of God. As I have been thinking about that topic, I have also been reading The Work of the Pastor by William Still. It is a book that is proving to have several sections that are highly quotable. He said something that furthers what I mentioned the other day about the Word of God so I thought I would share it. Still addresses those that come to the table of God's Word to eat, but they are not good eaters. Listen to his words:
"I despair of some who come to our church and who read our literature, because what they hear and read is only one item of their spiritual diet. Indeed, they eat very little of anything but like children play with their food. That is why they are so thin. They juggle with it as if it were something to sell, not eat, and are not very sure which item is the best-selling line." (25)
His advice to those people:
"Eat it, eat it whole. All or nothing. For it is only 'all or nothing' devourers of the Word of God who will ever be or do anything for God." (25)
As you know, I wrote the book on listening to preaching (that is more meant to be sarcastic, but after reading it, it does sound somewhat proud; not my intention). As I wrote, Helping Johnny Listen, I wanted everyone to understand the importance of listening to preaching. As you listen to your preachers tomorrow, would you please consider what it means to "eat it, eat it whole!"?


  • What Stops You From Eating The Word Of God?
  • What Is It That Keeps You Picking & Choosing What Parts Of God's Word To Eat?
  • Do We Think We Can Be Useful To God Without Being Filled With His Word?

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