Wednesday, September 14, 2011

31 Days To Finding Your Blogging Mojo by Bryan Allain

I have been at this blogging thing for just over a year now. The more I blog, the more I really like the process of writing. While doing it, I have yet to read anything from anyone on how to become a better blogger.

Until now. Today is the release of Bryan Allain's new e-book, 31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo. I never thought I would ever read a book on blogging, yet alone, a book that had the word mojo in the title. But I have. And it was worth the effort.

I shouldn't say it was worth the effort because it is really not that difficult of a book to read. In fact, it is designed in such a way that if you were to read it the way it was designed, you would only take less than 10 minutes a day for a month. What makes it even more interesting is that Allain is a self-proclaimed humorist, which means he writes funny things. And some of the things he writes are in deed funny. It will keep things light-hearted and not focused on the real difficult business of blogging. 

The book is written to be a 31-day journey to help bloggers become more focused on what they are doing. That was my take anyway. While it is easy to read, I am not saying that it will be easy to apply. He asks you to do some very hard things (like remember your blog post from one year ago or determining the audience of your last ten blog posts). But as I tried to do these things, they helped bring some clarity to my purpose of this blog. I came away from this book with a renewed vision and energy for blogging. I hope you will subtly see a few changes over the course of the next month or so that is an influence of this book (of course, you will only know that if you buy and read the book).

If you want to do that, you can find the book by clicking the book title above or by going to the website, If you are a blogger who wants to become more focused or you are just a person who wants to figure out which changes I am making to this blog were a result of this book, you might just want to purchase this book.

I received a free copy of 31 Days to Finding your Blogging Mojo by Bryan Allain in exchange for this unbiased review.


  1. Thanks Thad!

    excited to see your blog get better and better as a result!

  2. Bryan,

    Thanks again for the book! By the way, I do live among the Amish as well. Did you see that picture I posted a few weeks back? I thought I sent you a link. It's a good one...

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