Friday, September 30, 2011

The Movie: Courageous

The same group of people that made the movie Fireproof (and Facing the Giants) is releasing their new movie today. It is called Courageous. It appears to be a movie calling men to be men. The tagline of the movie is "Honor Begins At Home." This movie is receiving quite a few endorsements from some big names in the world of Christiandom. John Piper has said about this movie:
"I watched Courageous with my wife and was thoroughly engaged. I like action, and I like reflection, and I like affection—explosive moments, wrack-your-brain moments, and break-your-heart moments. Rarely do movies combine them all. For me this one captured me. Does the movie preach? Well, it sure has a point. But about the time you think you might get preached at, a bullet may cut through your car door. I would willingly take anyone to see this film, assuming they can handle suspense. And I think the conversations afterward would not be superficial."
I won't be able to go see it this weekend, but I do plan on seeing it. Maybe even next weekend, any guys from around here want to go? There are many reasons why you should probably see it, particularly you men. But one reason to see it while it is in the theaters is to encourage movie producers to put out more movies like this. If you haven't seen the trailer, check it out.

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