Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Does Preaching The Bible Work?

Since the time I arrived at Cornerstone Bible Church, I have been asked by many people why I so strongly believe in preaching. There was even one well-meaning individual that graciously questioned whether I was seeking to build a personal ministry or platform by spending so much time studying to preach. I appreciated that question and always seek to evaluate my own heart in regards to this. But my answer to him was frankly that I believe a solid preaching ministry is the most effective way to build a church. Not fun and games, but preaching! Not great music, but preaching! Not small groups, but preaching!

Not that those things are not important. They are. And I think that a church will not be what it should be without many of those things. There are many in the church today that say preaching is out of fashion. It just doesn't work anymore. I would argue that preaching does work! It is God's method and God's method always works! I have been slowly making my way through The Work of the Pastor by William Still. In a section I was reading yesterday, he makes the point that preaching is indeed necessary and that it works.
"Having been called or appointed to minister to a local congregation, begin to minister the Word of God to them at once, depending for all you are worth on the Holy Spirit, and believing that this is the biggest thing you can do for them in all the world. This is your life; not a part of it, but your life. Other things come in, of course, but this is your life, the most thrilling life anyone can live on earth, to expose a group of people, Christian or not, to the all-searching eye of the Word of God." (32)
He continues . . .
"The great thing to know is that God is at work creatively, through His Word, in answer to the prayers of His people. There is not a greater task a man can perform in the whole world than this, that he is being used to release the all-searching Word of God upon a company of needy souls. It is the most amazing thing. It works! God works. His Word works. Prayer works. The Spirit works." (34)
I am not trying to create a platform for personal endeavors. I am trying to be faithful to the Bible and give the people that come to CBC a word from God each and every week. It takes time and I work harder on this than anything else in ministry because my view is that preaching is necessary, but it doesn't need to be boring. Preachers, don't make the Bible dry and boring. Be interesting and insightful.

And listeners, be ready to hear from God each week. What about preparing to listen to the message with the same eagerness that you would want your pastor to prepare to study? I guarantee that if you did that, it would change the way you viewed the sermon. The sermon that God wants to use to change your life.

Question: What Sermon Has Made The Greatest Impacted  On You?

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