Friday, September 2, 2011

Reading A Proverb A Day . . .

Many people have done it. Many people have claimed to do it. Many people have started doing it. But I do not remember every actually doing it. What is it? Read a Proverb a day, every day, for a month. Yesterday I started it. I have taught from the book of Proverbs several times in my pastoral ministry, but I am not sure if I have ever followed through with a plan like this. I hope this time is different.

Why do I hope it is different this time? I hope so mostly because I need wisdom more in my life today than I ever have needed it. And the book of Proverbs has long been known as the place in the Scriptures to go to for nuggets of wisdom. But is it more than that? As I do this reading, I do not want to treat this book as if I am looking for some special bullet to put away in my gun to pull out when I need it. I hope and pray that the totality of the Proverbs change my life. I am not looking for a short-cut of to special sayings.

As I read Proverbs 1 yesterday, several prayers came to my mind as launching points for this next month as I read this book: 
  • Lord, help me be the wise man who listens and increases in learning. Help me never to think that I have arrived or think that I know what you are saying in these proverbs. (1:5)
  • Lord, help me to fear you more this month than I ever have feared you. For I know and have taught that to fear you is the beginning of wisdom (1:7)
  • Lord, let me not be lured by the deceitful schemes of the world. May I see clearly what is worldly and what is godly (1:10-19)
  • Lord, let me actively listen for wisdom as she shouts your truth in the streets of this book (1:20)
It's not too late, join me! The great concept of this plan is that you can start anytime. Just pick up your Bible and read the chapter that corresponds for the day it is in the month. May God help us all seek His wisdom.

Question: Have You Ever Actually Done This? What Do You Like About It?

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