Sunday, September 11, 2011

Video Sunday: How Our Suffering Glorifies God by John Piper

Today is the 10th anniversary to the worst tragedy to happen in America of my lifetime. I know exactly where I was and what I was doing. I remember what I was thinking. I remember who I talked to. I remember seeing the second plane hit the second tower. I remember watching the first tower fall in the background as the news anchor was talking about something else. I remember talking to some friends downtown Chicago as they wondered whether they should get out of the city. I remember the flight I had cancelled just three days later because all flights were grounded. I remember just about everything about that day. So do most of you.

I was going to write an entire blog post on how the Christian should respond or remember events like this in their life. Maybe I will do that someday. For some reason, I just never got to writing an entire post about it. Yet as I thought about this day, I thought about all those people who are suffering even to this day because of those events. For many people, today is a very difficult day. They have lost their father, their mother, their husband, their wife, their son, their daughter, or their friend. Today is a hard day and I will be praying for them as they cannot escape this day.

As I thought of these people suffering, I asked myself this question: Is There Any Good That Can Come From This Sort Of Suffering? To answer that, let me introduce to you a short sermon by John Piper. For so long, he has been the suffering guy. He writes about the good that can take place when we are going through horrible events. And for the Christian, this sort of suffering can and should glorify God. But that depends on how we respond to the event. As you contemplate this day, let me encourage you to take about 37 minutes and watch this sermon?

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