Sunday, September 4, 2011

Video Sunday: Sickened By The Ugliness of Their Own Sinfulness by John Piper

Here's a funny story. I was surfing around looking to see if John Piper ever responded to Rob Bell's book, Love Wins. I found a video of a guy attacking Piper for tweeting "farewell Rob Bell." In his video, he posted a link to this video by Piper, trying to show how mean Piper is for talking about sin so much. It's funny because of this. This message was linked in order to turn people off to Piper's ministry and I found it rapture my heart even more. 

And it is so true. We will never be able to understand or appreciate the gospel message of the cross until we see the depth of our own sinfulness. Or as Piper says it, "sickened by the ugliness of our own sinfulness." Evidently, this is an excerpt of a sermon about helping our children come to Christ. And put in that context, helping our children become sickened by the ugliness of their own sinfulness. I want that for my kids, not so they stop sinning, but so they can appreciate even more that Jesus died on the cross! (And then stop sinning).

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