Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Weekender by 9Marks

Today I am driving to Washington DC to take part in a church leaders conference called "The Weekender" that is sponsored by 9Marks ministries. On their website, this is how they describe this conference:
Three times a year, 9Marks and Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC host around fifty pastors, seminarians, and church leaders from Thursday night to Monday morning for a full-on immersion in the life and inner workings of Capitol Hill Baptist Church, a church committed to living and ministering biblically.
You'll have box seats for a new member's class. You'll be front and center for lectures from Mark Dever on expositional preaching and implementing change. You'll even go behind closed doors to observe an elders' meeting. And all that's just the first half of the weekend.
From leadership to worship to body life and more, it's all on the table. So bring your questions.
Most of the church conferences I have attended in the past are the large scale events that have some options for break-out smaller groups. But nothing like this. This is a church that stands behind a "church ministry" pulling the curtain back to show you how they administrate the church.

The Senior Pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church is Mark Dever, who has written many books on the nature of the church. I will count it a great privilege to pick his brain on so many things. Look out Mark, here I come. I have my list of questions already formulated.

Here are a list of some things that I am interested to learn and see this weekend.

  • Elder Meeting - I am really looking forward to seeing how other churches run their elders meeting.
  • Purpose of Membership - I am interested to see what they have to say about the importance of being a member vs. being a regular attendee. Someone asked me this question just a few days ago and I often find it difficult to give a difference between those two (except voting).
  • Service Planning & Sermon Preparation - I look forward to hearing from Mark Dever on several aspects of planning for the service & sermons. How far out should a pastor plan his messages? Just to the next week or for several week or several months?
  • Adult Education - I am interested in seeing their strategic plan for educating adults.
  • Services at Capitol Hill Baptist Church - I love attending other churches to get ideas and thoughts of how to do new things.
If you think about it, I would appreciate your prayers. I am attending this conference with one of my elders, Alan Unangst. I look forward to spending some quality time with him and learning from him as well. And stay tuned. I plan on blogging each day with things I am learning. So even though you did not pay the $255 to register, you might learn something as well.

Question: If You Were Going, What Is One Church Related Question You Would Ask? (I will try to get answers to your questions as well)

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