Friday, October 14, 2011

Christianity, Politics, & Mormonism

Over the past week, the issue of Mormonism has made a lot of news. Most of it goes back to presidential candidate Mitt Romney being a Mormon and some comments made by some "evangelical pastors" or "church leaders." Here is a wrap-up of some of the best articles that you might want to read to gain a fuller understanding of these issues.

  • Kevin DeYoung gives a good summary of the history of Mormonism in his "Mormonism 101"
  • David Murray makes an interesting argument that the mainstream media has been silent on Romney being a Mormon because they hope he gets the Republican nomination . . . in his post, "A Rare Foray Into American Politics."
  • But obviously, this should not be striking to us. Ed Stetzer gave us some LifeWay research as to what American Protestant Pastors think about Mormons. The chart below illustrates the results. His article is worth your time, "More on Mormonism: USAToday, LifeWay Research, Richard Meow, Etc..." Obviously, you might guess where I stand on this issue.

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