Saturday, October 29, 2011

Jesus and . . .

On Monday, I will post a full review of Tullian Tchividjian new book, Jesus + Nothing = Everything. Because there are so many parts of this book that have impacted me, and not all of it can make the final review, I am taking several days to share from the book.

Obviously, you can tell from the title, that he believes Jesus doesn't need anything added to Him in order to bring about total satisfaction. We need to add nothing to Christianity. I greatly benefited from this quote:
"Christianity and . . . For many of us, it may be Jesus and our achievements, Jesus and our strengths, Jesus and our reputation, Jesus and our relationships, Jesus and our family's prosperity, Jesus and our ambitions, and goals and dreams, Jesus and our personal preferences and tastes and style, Jesus and our spiritual growth, Jesus and our hobbies and recreational pursuits and entertainment habits--and, especially, Jesus and our personal set of life rules. 
Whatever it is our heart is drawn to--a cultural trend, a cause, a diversion, a personal 'passion,' a relationship, a pursuit, a venture, a comfortable routine--and however subtly it pulls us in, the cold, hard truth is that almost immediately it becomes an idol, and our heart grabs hold. As Martin Luther once said, 'Whatever your heart clings to and confides in, that is really your God'--your functional savior. 
Jesus plus X. The formula looks so innocent and harmless, even commendable (we're helping Jesus out!). But no such equation can ever lead anywhere good. Ultimately there can be only one equation--Jesus plus nothing. Anything we try to add to Christ ultimately results in what Michael Horton calls 'Christless Christianity' . . . We habitually look to something or someone smaller than Jesus for the things we crave and need. And none of it is ever large enough to fill the void." (39-40)
That's a good thought. Anything that we add to Jesus; anything that we add to the grace; anything that we add to the gospel is just simply because we somehow think those things will fill the void. When in reality, they are so much smaller than Jesus and will never satisfy the void that we have in our life. Only Jesus alone will do that!

What are you adding to Jesus? What are you trying to combine with Jesus to fill the void in your life? All you need is Him and His finished work. His life, death, and resurrection. It is Jesus alone that brings satisfaction.

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