Sunday, October 30, 2011

Video Sunday: Don't Waste Your Life by Lecrae

This coming Tuesday I will celebrate my 38th birthday. Most people think I am older than that. They probably think that because of the wisdom I exude. Or maybe it is because of my much younger, hot looking wife! Anyways, it is usually a day in the year that I really dislike. I made it clear last year on my birthday why I usually get depressed on November 1st every year. It isn't because I ate too much candy from the night before. It is because I now realize I have one less year left on this earth to live for the Lord. I don't want to waste my life!

A couple months ago, I came across this video. It is of a song by the Christian rapper Lecrae. That last sentence probably turned off most of the older people that read this blog. Christian rapper Lecrae. But I would ask you to resist clicking away from the blog because I have posted a rapper video. Let's just make an agreement. You are probably not going to get me a birthday gift. Let's just make your gift to me the promise that you will click the play button below and watch this video. 

This song was inspired by John Piper's book, Don't Waste Your Life. If you can keep up with lyrics as they are displayed across the screen, you will notice that Lecrae is calling us to forget about the American Dream and pursue Christ. Who cares if you get everything on this earth? It means nothing when all is said and done. You have wasted your one and only chance. Don't waste it! Don't waste it!

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  1. Thanks Thad I realy enjoyed the rap song And Happy Birthday JEC


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