Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Work Is Beginning

On Monday, they began some of the work on the property that will house our facilities at Cornerstone Bible Church. Our plan is to build a Ministry Center that will be used between Sundays to minister the gospel to people. It will have one large gathering room, a few other small classrooms, bathroom facilities, and our offices.

If you are part of CBC, I would particularly ask of you to pray for this project. Even if you are not part of CBC and you think of it, would you pray for this project for our church. As to this point, not many things have gone according to plan. Even our builder has said that ever possible road block that could have come up has come up. So, we need to pray that God would help the rest of this project run smoothly. Here are a few things that you could pray for as this project continues:
  • Pray that the elders and building team would have wisdom as they move forward in the building phase.
  • Pray that the rain would hold off the next several weeks so we can get the excavation completed.
  • Pray that God would allow the process of building to be quick, that the harsh NE Ohio winter weather would hold off until the project is under roof.
  • Pray that God would continue to move in the hearts of individuals as to how they might be able to give financially or physically to this project.
  • Pray that the building would be greatly used for the glory of Jesus and the good of His people.
  • Pray that the body of CBC would continue to grow and fight against gossip, slander, and other sins that so separate people.
Thank you for your prayers. Here are a few more pictures of what was accomplished the first few days of the project. 

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