Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"180" Movie by Ray Comfort

Several months ago, I watched this new video by Ray Comfort called "180" Movie. The video begins with Comfort asking some random person, "Have you heard of Adolf Hitler?" Their answer was "no." That might seem shocking that a person has never heard of Hitler, but that is not the most shocking part of the video.

This video is ultimately a calling for Christians to deal with the issue of abortion. I would highly recommend that you watch it. I would highly recommend that you order the DVD and pass it out to people. He asks some very thought provoking questions as he ties together the issue of the holocaust and abortion. In the end, as Comfort does very well, he turns the conversation away from issues like abortion and directs people to Jesus. As you watch this, think of ways you might be able to use it to share the truth of Jesus with your friends and family.

Before you watch it, let me give a disclaimer. There are some very graphic images and content as he talks about the holocaust. You have been warned that there are some disturbing images.


  1. can I get you to link the keyword "Abortion" in your post to this page ... 180Movie Staff

  2. Done! Thanks for the documentary, I pray God uses it to change many to Christ!


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