Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Initial Thoughts On Our New House

Two weeks ago, we closed on our new house. But it was this past Saturday that we picked up the keys and  received possession. Since that time, we have been working furiously to get some things done so we can move everything in this coming Saturday. We are doing some light reconstruction, lots of painting, and even more cleaning. It has been a busy week so far as I am working in the office during the day and at the house at night. There are many friends that have offered to help, including a bunch of ladies that are making the house smell good with cleaning products. I am certainly thankful for my dad to be here to help with the construction part of it. I couldn't do it without him.

As we get to this point, there are a few things that keep coming to my mind I am sure I will share many of them over the course of the next couple weeks. But let me share one thing today. It is God's providence that we get to move in on Thanksgiving weekend. We left our home in Kansas 10 months ago. Since that time, we have been in two different rentals. Most of our stuff has been stored in storage units or garages. We have longed so much to have a home we could call our own. We have longed so much to have a place we can start putting down roots and be at for a long time. And it just so happens that we get to do it the week of Thanksgiving. We are so thankful, words cannot express how we feel.

We hope that this place will be a place of ministry. We hope all of our friends from Kansas will come visit. We hope all of our friends here will stop by often to visit. For all these things and many more, we are so thankful that God saw fit to have us wait for His perfect timing. It was long and it was not easy, but it has been good for our family.

I am sure we will be posting more pictures on here and FaceBook as time permits over the next couple of weeks. I am on vacation next week, so once we get everything in its place, we will post so all of you far away can see a bit into our life now.

Question: Do You Like The Red Front Door?

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