Friday, November 11, 2011

The Penn State Debacle

Our country has been stunned the past week as report after report has emerged that a former player and coach, Jerry Sandusky, at Penn State University allegedly was involved in the sexual abuse of children. To make matters worse (if that is possible), many people in the leadership of the university, including Joe Paterno, had knowledge of the events. 

The entire situation is saddening and sickening, all at the same time. Over the course of the past week, there have been many who have written some very helpful articles concerning these tragic events. Instead of writing another article on this topic, I thought I would provide a blog that links to the best articles I have read on the issue.
  • The Tragic Lessons of Penn State--A Call To Action by Albert Mohler. As is normal for Mohler, he cuts through the fog and states exactly what needs to be done by Christian organizations in light of what happened at Penn State. This is some very helpful advice from a president of a university.
  • Protect Our Children by Thom Rainer. He gives some really helpful advice on some practical things churches and Christian organizations can and should do in light of the Penn State events.
  • The Penn State Scandal and the Image of God by Erik Raymond. This was a post that was helpful at the beginning of the week before the firing of Joe Paterno. Raymond looks at this issue from a rather interesting perspective, how can someone who is created in the image of God do something like this? And how can many be so outraged if we are created in the same image of the same God as the person who did this?
  • Accountability and Penn State by Tony Dungy. In this short blog post by the famous football coach, he says we all have a responsibility to hold one another accountable.
I am very sure there are many other voices out there that have some good things to say. If you have read something that you felt was particularly helpful to you, please post a link in the comment section below.

And I just can't help but to pray for those families that were affected by this. I pray that the power of the gospel can heal them of their pain they are going through. I pray that they find the cross of Jesus an example of forgiveness. Please remember them in your prayers as well today.

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