Saturday, November 12, 2011

Worshipping a Non-Wrathful God

I came across this quote in Wayne Grudem's Systematic Theology the other day and was blown away. It was in a section that dealt with the wrath of God. He says,
"As with the other attributes of God, this is an attribute for which we should thank and praise God. It may not immediately appear to us how this can be done, since wrath seems to be such a negative concept. Viewed alone, it would arouse only fear and dread. Yet it is helpful for us to ask what God would be like if he were a God that did not hate sin. He would then be a God who either delighted in sin or at least was not troubled by it. Such a God would not be worthy of our worship, for sin is hateful and it is worthy of being hated. Sin ought not to be. It is in fact a virtue to hate evil and sin, and we rightly imitate this attribute of God when we feel hatred against great evil, injustice, and sin." (206)
What would it be like to worship a God that did not punish sin? A very good question. My guess is chaos!

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