Thursday, December 15, 2011

Advent Conspiracy

Allow me to follow up on my post yesterday about Christmas not being your birthday. There is another book that I have wanted to read, but just have not gotten to it quite yet. It is called The Advent Conspiracy. Look at the description of this book:
"Worship more, spend less, Give Presence, Love all. Are you tired of how consumerism has stolen the soul of Christmas? This year, take a stand! Join the groundswell of Christ-followers who are choosing to make Christmas what it should be - a joyous celebration of Jesus' birth that enriches our hearts and the world around us, not a retail circus that depletes our pocketbooks and defeats our spirits. Advent Conspiracy shows you how to substitute consumption with compassion by practicing four simple but powerful, countercultural concepts: Worship Fully---because Christmas begins and ends with Jesus! Spend Less--and free your resources for things that truly matter. Give More---of your presence: your hands, your words, your time, your heart. Love All--the poor, the forgotten, the marginalized, and the sick in ways that make a difference. Find out how to have a Christmas worth remembering, not dreading. Christmas can still change the world when you, like Jesus, give what matters most--your presence."
Interesting. I have a friend that just read this book and he has told me that his family is going to change the way they do Christmas this year. Only one small present for each child and the rest of the money they normally spend, the family will come up with an idea of how to give it away to someone that needs it. That is somewhat radical, isn't it? Or maybe it is just as radical as Jesus giving up it all to come to be born in human flesh.

As you think about it, why don't you watch this video that articulates the Advent Conspiracy. May God prick your hearts as to how you might be able to help those that really need help.

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