Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Story of Mars Hill Church

This post will certainly take some of your time, if you want to watch the entire video. But I think it just might be worth it. There are certainly a variety of opinions concerning the ministry of Pastor Mark Driscoll. Last Sunday at Mars Hill Church in Seattle, they shared the history of their church in documentary form. They are very creative and this is an excellent use of technology in sharing their story. It tells how the church was started, where it met, the troubles it went through and how Jesus has impacted their community. I found it very interesting and helps answer some of the questions that some people might have about his ministry. Maybe you will find it interesting as well. Or maybe it will raise more questions.

I know there will be some that nitpick some of the things that he talks about (I still struggle with a few of his theological tendencies). But I rejoice in what God is doing in their ministry as they seek to make the name of Jesus known to a lost and dying world.

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