Sunday, December 11, 2011

Video Sunday: It Will Cost You Everything by Steve Lawson

Steve Lawson is one of those preachers that leaves it all at the pulpit. If he were an athlete, commentators would say that he left it all on the field. His sermons are passionate. They are convicting. They are bold. They are straightforward. There is no way to leave a sermon like the one below without knowing exactly what he is calling you to do. He is a spokesman for God. He speaks a message that is rarely spoken these days. 

I have enjoyed some time with Steve in the past. And he is as passionate out of the pulpit as he is in it. I would ask you this coming week, as you think about the coming season of Christmas. Is that baby that was born that day in Bethlehem really the Lord of your life? Is He your King? I appreciated the one statement that he made in this clip where he said that giving up all your possessions means:
"You must transfer the ownership of all that you are and all that you have to all that He is."
Could you do that? Would you do that? Please watch this video and ask yourself, "Is Jesus my all?"

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