Thursday, December 22, 2011

Will You Go To Church On Christmas Day?

In case you have not heard, this coming Sunday is Christmas. Yes, Christmas is on a Sunday. So the normal day that is set aside in our schedules as Christians to go to church is going to take on Christmas morning. And I have no idea who is going to win. It is a showdown for the ages. Well, okay, maybe not for the ages since it just happened six years ago. But it does seem like a big deal and the question of whether people will go to church seems to be getting a lot of press.

I have to be honest, I do not get it. I do not get why this is such a big deal. It's Sunday. It's Christmas. I just can't imagine canceling or not going to church. I guess I have thrown all my cards on the table. There it is. I think if you are a Christian, you should be in church on Christmas morning.

Before I get too far into this, let me make very clear what I am NOT saying. I am NOT saying that if you choose to skip church you are less of a Christian or less spiritually mature than someone else. I am NOT saying that you must not love Jesus or His church. I am NOT trying to twist anyone's arm or guilt anyone into being in church. I think years of ministry and a fresh view of the gospel has eliminated the guilt out of my system. I am NOT saying that God will hold you in higher regard for being at church this Sunday.

But what I am asking you to do is to answer this question: Why wouldn't I go? I understand that December 25th is most likely not the day that Jesus was born. I do not know the exact day and neither do you. And while this is not his birthday, it is the day the Christian community has collectively used to celebrate His birth. And if the day that we have set aside to celebrate His birth happens to fall on the first day of the week, the day that we have set aside to gather and worship as a church, what good reason is there for us not to gather and worship? It seems to me that there would be double reason to gather--it's Sunday & it's Jesus' birthday.

Yet many Christians almost seem annoyed that the thought of church would interfere with their Christmas plans. Yes, you read that right. I hope that statement is an exaggeration and without merit, but I do not think it is. Or maybe I should stop talking about Christians as this nebulous group of people out there and get direct with the readers of this blog: Do you feel like going to church on Christmas will interfere with your Christmas plans?"

I wholeheartedly agree with Ed Stetzer, when he said in an article for the Christian Post:
"Too many Christians get distracted by the secular at Christmas - lots of lights and music but not enough Jesus. If you're too busy for worship during the Christmas season, you are too busy. In general, I'm always struck that so many say that, 'Jesus is the reason for the season,' but don't have much time for Him during the season."
There are many reasons why I think churches will be drastically down in attendance on Sunday. Yes, there are many have taken the bait of the world and are choking themselves on their idols of stuff. Yes, there are many who do not want to offend their family even though Jesus said He came to turn family members against each other. Yes, there are many who think this day is about their kids and fail to realize they are ruining their children by not showing them there is Someone greater than them.

But of all the reasons, I think the number one reason people will skip church on Sunday is that they do NOT fully understand church! Tomorrow, my plan is to unpack that thought. Until then, I am just wondering:

What Are Some Reasons Why You WILL Skip Church This Sunday?


    1. It's sure quiet here in the comments box....

    2. Could it be there are not many good reasons?

    3. I actually didn't realize Christmas fell on Sunday and I just somehow I had the thought in my heart that I was going to go to church on Sunday I didn't realize it was also Christmas honestly I haven't been in a long time shame on me I'm afraid any reason I would give wouldn't be an acceptable one


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