Friday, January 13, 2012

The Gospel Project

One of the problems I have noticed in the different positions I have found myself over the years in different churches is the abundance of really bad curriculum. And a lack of really good curriculum that focuses on the gospel in every story. The story of Jonah is not just about a fish. The story of David is not just about a Goliath. They are true stories that have been recorded to tell us historical accounts, but also to teach us something about God and the gospel of God. Our kids need to learn that. In fact, our parents need to learn that as well.

Just a few months ago, Lifeway began the process of developing a new gospel-centered curriculum designed for kids, students, and adults. It is called The Gospel Project. After reading just a bit about what this is going to be, I look forward to seeing more and learning more. This is how they describe the project:
"The gospel didn't begin in the New Testament. It was there, 'In the beginning,' at the genesis of everything. Across the whole of human history, God's grand narrative of love and redemption has been unfolding, a love gloriously displayed at the cross. This is the story of Jesus, and all history and Scripture point us to this good news. 
The Gospel Project is a Christ-centered Bible study resource that deeply examines the grand narrative of Scripture and how it transforms the lives of those it touches. Every session immerses participants--adults, student, and kids--in the gospel through every story, theological concept, and missional charge from Genesis to Revelation."
The project is being led by Trevin Wax and Ed Stetzer. If you are interested in finding out more information, please check their website: The Gospel Project. As well, you might find it interesting to watch this Bible Story Video that they have put together, as it seems like it will be a piece of what will come in the future. Lastly, you might want to watch this short video by Matt Chandler as he explains a bit about the gospel in David & Goliath and why he likes the gospel project.

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